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Welcome to the hub of all things training for financial institutions! For over 40 years, we’ve been welcoming, encouraging, and helping trainers find just the right tools and products to train their staff as well as work with them to develop new ones that are customized just for them. And we have solutions for every budget! Just ask any of our satisfied trainers, including ones from Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, M&T Bank, Regions Bank and even smaller ones right in your own backyard.  Now that you’re here… what can we do for you today?

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"It has resulted in an overall reduction of training time and charge back costs of 32%. By reducing the length of training, savings are being reaped in Trainer salaries, as well as student salaries and expenses. Multimedia has allowed us to reduce actual instructor-led classroom time by 70% and offer the program twice as often. This not only frees up Teller Trainers to facilitate other classes but it also provides a skilled Teller replacement in the branch at a much quicker rate."

Lynn Kreiner, M&T Training Director

"TRC’s Interactive training is superb! Employees love it because of the real life situations and documents, while management loves that employees can actually practice applying procedures in a training environment. It allows the company as a whole to see where more training should be focused in order to protect its assets!"

Texana Bank's VP of Human Resources, Cindy Turner

"TRC Interactive made the transition to a new online learning platform extremely easy. Implementation was very smooth and the customer service we received was exceptional. We have received rave reviews from the frontline staff regarding the First Line Defense training and the supervisors seem to particularly enjoy this as well.”

Fort Community Credit Union - Chief Retail Officer, Danielle Frawley

"First Line of Defense is an excellent way to help reduce fraud. This training is very interactive. Employees have the opportunity to view checks, review account information, compare picture ID, signatures etc. to make decisions about check cashing. The program is updated four times a year. I’ve had a few employees ask if it could be updated more often!"

Clackamas Federal Credit Union's Head of Training, Jenny Estes

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    Published on June 06, 2016

    Some financial institutions do NOT research or resolve EVERY deposit discrepancy and regard it as “a cost of doing business”. If that is your institution, then you may want to RE-EVALUATE your position. Research and resolution of deposit errors can be more costly and time consuming than accepting minor discrepancies. However, The Consumer Financial Protection […]

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  • No Rest for the Weary Compliance Officer

    Published on May 12, 2016

    In just the last two weeks… FFIEC Seeks Comments on Proposed Revisions to Uniform Interagency Consumer Compliance Rating System The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council is seeking public comment on its proposal to revise the existing Uniform Interagency Consumer Compliance Rating System to reflect regulatory, supervisory, technological, and market changes since the system was established. […]

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