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Welcome to the hub of all things training for financial institutions! For over four decades, we’ve been welcoming, encouraging, and helping trainers find just the right tools and products to train their staff as well as work with them to develop new ones that are customized just for them. And we have solutions for every budget! Just ask any of our satisfied trainers from some of the largest financial institutions to even smaller ones right in your own backyard.  Now that you’re here… what can we do for you today?

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"At 1st Source Bank we considered our CSR (teller) Training program to be very detailed and thorough, but we wanted to modernize the program, make it more flexible in working with our regions, more consistent, and more concise. It was time to move our program to the next level. Since we have incorporated TellerSolution Online, we have been able to accomplish that and much more! We completely restructured our CSR training schedule from 14 days of classroom and on the job training to a 10 day program. The classroom portion of the training is designed to include lecture, perpetuation of our culture, hands on application of transactions, the systems used in the banking centers, along with integrating the TellerSolution Online modules into the daily agenda. The modules have proven to be more consistent in the delivery of the information, ensuring that everyone is constantly receiving the same information. The modules also underscore consistency in training competencies and skills, along with being very interactive and engaging for all types of students. We have been able to get our new colleagues trained and out on the job almost one week sooner than we had in the past, which has been very beneficial to the bank and our clients. We also utilize TellerSolution Online as refresher training for our experienced CSRs. The ability to connect to the program through the internet has allowed us the flexibility to easily access the modules in all of our banking centers, which are spread throughout northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan. The first year TellerSolution Online was in place, we experienced a 4.1% increase in overall class grade averages. The number of people that passed the class increased from 86% to 99%, as compared to the previous year. The personnel at TRC Interactive have been very supportive and accommodating to our needs. They have kept the material up to date and modern, and we feel that this is a program that we will use for many years to come."

1st Source Bank's CSR Training Specialist, Terri Scott

"The First Line of Defense Fraud Detection and Loss Prevention Challenge has been a wonderful tool for our frontline staff at Southern Bancorp. I believe taking staff through “real-life” scenarios makes for exciting training. Also, offering this training 4 times a year keeps this topic from getting old and only coming up when we have suffered a loss. I have heard nothing but good things from staff about this training. They wonder why all online courses aren’t this much fun!"

Southern Bancorp's Corporate Trainer, Dana Worstell

"TRC has been a lifeline. They have taken the uncertainty out of the magnitude of compliance and regulatory issues that have increased significantly as of late for credit unions. Often times I receive notification of a new course being set up on TRC before any other vendors reach out to us with their resources. The courses cover so much detail that we have used them to help us ensure our policies cover what they need to cover. The maps of what is included in each course make it easy to determine what exactly is included in each course. That makes set up a breeze. On the other side, being able to see how much time an individual has spent trying to learn the topic at hand gives great factual data for employee reviews. The bottom line: If there is a compliance issue that affects credit unions on the horizon, I know TRC has our backs. Cost for one year of TRC: affordable. The peace of mind to our credit union: priceless. It’s great doing business with you, TRC!"

Associated Healthcare Credit Union's Director of Learning & Development, Angie Vollhaber

"TRC Interactive made the transition to a new online learning platform extremely easy. Implementation was very smooth and the customer service we received was exceptional. We have received rave reviews from the frontline staff regarding the First Line Defense training and the supervisors seem to particularly enjoy this as well.”

Fort Community Credit Union - Chief Retail Officer, Danielle Frawley