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Jay B. Bowden

Jay-B-BowdenJay is TRC Interactive’s lead Training Designer and one of the nation’s foremost authorities on self-managed learning. His innovations in training have become industry standards. As a pioneer in “distance learning” in the early 70s, Jay produced hundreds of video training programs years before the invention of the VCR. His “blended” approach, using both facilitator-led and self-managed training dates back to 1976 when, for publisher Prentice-Hall, he produced nearly 100 multimedia courses for technical staff, and won numerous awards both for his design and directing talent.

In 1982 Jay changed the training landscape once more by introducing Session Builders, the first reproducible handout experiential exercise kit created to help Instructional Designers and Trainers produce better participant-centered courses. Many of the countless experiential exercises are still used worldwide in training classes. By the mid 80s, he began specializing in the financial industry because of its rapid growth and unique knowledge requirements.

By the late 80s Jay was creating computer-based training courses. He’s best known for his use of existing technology in ways that maximize the learner experience, promote retention, and increase interest. During the 90s his countless online program designs set standards for interactivity and creativity. Combining his innovations in experiential learning with state-of-the-art software, he has produced training programs in over a thousand banks worldwide and just recently has earned the most recent of awards for interactive design excellence.

Ask Jay, however, about his accomplishments, and he will surely mention his grandchildren Kayton, Trey, Kenyon, Tessa, Lane, Claire, Dax and Beck.