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Faces of TRC Interactive

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Read more about each featured employee and their dedication to TRC Interactive!

Ashley Doernemann, Chief Operating Officer

Ashley-Doernemann-COOAshley Doernemann has been with TRC Interactive since 2003. She has changed her role with the company several times over the years and ultimately has become TRC’s Chief Operating Officer. During her years with TRC, she was also Director of the Marketing and PR for the company, but has handed those responsibilities over to the Vice President of Business Operations.

Ashley was born and raised in Harrisburg, PA. She graduated from Penn State University with a Kinesiology degree. She and her husband, Dave, married in May of 2006 and welcomed a son, Dax, in December of 2011.

When asked what Ashley enjoys most about her job, she replied, “I really love the creative aspect of the development world. It is fun to try to stay on top of technology trends and implement them in to our eLearning modules.”

Jay H. Bowden, Chief Financial Officer

Jay-H-Bowden-CFOJay H. Bowden is TRC Interactive’s Chief Financial Officer and has been a part of the TRC team since 2007. Jay’s background is not typical of those who usually work in the financial services industry. He began with a degree from Kent State University and a Masters of Social Work from Columbia University. From there, he worked primarily in the healthcare field with both family and geriatric populations. “Beginning my career in Social Work has given me a lot of advantages” Jay says. He goes on: “When you run a nursing home, your “product” is the care of people. That grounds you toward customer service in a way that is unlike any other industry.”

When Jay is not working, he can usually be found spending time with his wife, Jeri, and three children (Tessa, Lane and Claire), reading or coaching his children’s soccer teams.


Connie Bowden, TellerSolutionOnline® Project Manager

CHB Headshot 4900-2Connie Bowden has worked for TRC Interactive for many years providing customer support for their many training solutions and handling many office management responsibilities. Connie and her husband, Jay, started TRC from their dining room table. “We met as students at Penn State University and coming from families where both of our fathers owned their own business, we knew that was our destiny. We just didn’t know which business we would start! In fact, Connie is the oldest of eight children and each of them owns their own successful business – all in completely different fields.”

While raising their three children, Connie was very active in community, girl scout, and school activities. In addition, she was also a certified childbirth educator and taught Lamaze classes to hundreds of couples.

When asked what Connie loves most about her job, she shared, “I take great pleasure in seeing the company grow, interacting and brainstorming with co-workers, learning more about our customers and meeting their needs.”

When Connie is not working, she enjoys cooking, reading, traveling, doting on her two Cavalier King Charles dogs, and spending time with friends. Most important, she adores her seven grandchildren! Sleepovers with Gammy and Pop are special events!

Lorie St. Lawrence, Vice President of Technology

LSL Headshot 8402-1Lorie St. Lawrence celebrated her 25th year with TRC Interactive in 2011! During her years with TRC, she was a developer participating in the creation of some of the earliest computer based learning modules that TRC did for companies like Marine Midland Bank (now HSBC). As her career progressed at TRC, she became the Development Manager overseeing the graphic designers, developers, and programmers.

Lorie is now a Project Manager of custom projects for large financial institutions. RBC, CIT and BB&T are a few of the super banks she has worked with. The past year was spent managing the project for a client who became a Bank Holding Company and TRC developed the compliance culture, customized training and management reports from their LMS to measure success. In addition, she managed a project of a new bank to develop its learning strategy on new systems, products, and service standards, as well as identifying and developing the strategy or developmental training.

Lorie’s husband Mitch is CEO of a company that designs and builds financial facilities. And her son Jeremy is a recent graduate of Penn State who is beginning his career in marketing for a global publishing company. In her free time, Lorie enjoys spending time with her 3-year old nephew Cole, cooking, and leading a group that provides care to individuals in crises.