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Whatever the project, our designs are based on a consistent training philosophy.

Whether it is for a published product or a custom-designed project, TRC Interactive’s designs are based on a consistent training philosophy. This philosophy is sensitive to the needs of your participants, your organization and you. All TRC Interactive designs combine solid content with an experiential, participative approach which gives you everything you need to run effective skill-building programs. Your participants receive practical, hands-on training that they can apply directly to their jobs.

Attributes shared by all TRC training materials are:

  • A participative, learner-centered approach that actively involves participants in skill-building exercises
  • A learning sequence that takes participants from abstract concepts to direct skills application
  • Respect for the adult learner’s experience while teaching new approaches and behaviors
  • A sensitivity to the needs of the Trainer and his or her organization so that learning has direct application
  • A flexibility within all training materials to permit and encourage Trainer creativity

The learner’s attitude toward the training program affects his/her approach to the material, discussion with peers, even the attitude towards the financial institution itself. Those things that affect the learner are quite subtle. Studies have shown, for example, that senior executives are highly motivated to learn. Therefore, any material presented in any fashion results in a positive learning experience. In other words, a motivated senior executive could learn from a series of articles highlighted and stapled together.

This is not true, however, as you cascade down staff hierarchies. The less motivated an individual is to learn, the more content presentation, format and environment is significant. An eLearning solution should be customized not only to the individual, but when possible, to location, function, or anything where there is a noticeable difference. TRC Interactive uses the unique version assembly technique triggered by a predetermined entry.

When designing the online course, TRC Interactive would design and substitute portions of the program appropriate to the state that was entered during sign on. This is seamless and invisible to the learner. TRC Interactive’s experience with the technology enhances the learner’s experience because it is appropriate to them.