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The Path of Least Resistance

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There appear to be significant decreases in reports of counterfeit card use due largely to chip card technology. However, despite all our best efforts… online fraud continues to increase!

For example, as ATMs were equipped with additional security features, fraudsters altered malware intended to illegitimately instruct ATMs to dispense cash! Another new fraud challenge is that fraudsters can now access internet connected devices such as webcams with software vulnerabilities and collect passwords!

As fast as counter-measures are developed, a new fraud challenge appears. It’s like a water balloon. If you push in one side, the other side pushes out!

And the list goes on, but one fact remains. As security becomes tighter and vulnerabilities are closed, criminals will continue to seek the path of least resistance – you and your financial institution! They’ll look for every way to get at your customer through YOU. They will pretend to be you when dealing with the customer, and they will pretend to be the customer when dealing with you. You and your financial institution are the first line of defense to their fraud efforts.

However, it is not hopeless. The front line can be empowered to prevent fraud and make the fraudsters’ job much more difficult. Put power to work in every branch in your system…the power of the well informed and well trained employee.

Ask us about First Line of Defense™, TRC Interactive’s fraud detection and prevention training program that gives your employees practical training helping them to develop their fraud detection skills. There are reasons financial institutions “rave” about First Line of Defense™ and tell us how much impact it has had on lowering fraud. And reports of employees asking for more challenges as they are so interactive and different from other training. Let us show you how!

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