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What features are included with your LMS, Training Central®?

  • Customized course menu
  • Set your own due dates
  • Email course reminders to your students
  • Add or Modify Scores
  • Pull reports for a multitude of different data including:
    • Courses past due
    • Courses not taken
    • Scores for each individual courses
  • Track Other Training (not provided by TRC)
    • Allows administrators to enter details of other training. Examples include internal instructor-led, seminars, etc. It will provide space for the session name, facilitator, a brief description, date completed and score (if assessed).
  • Upload documents and policies
    • You are given the option of having the document freely available as a resource, or requiring the reader’s confirmation that they have read, understand and agree to the specifics of the uploaded document.
  • Convert PowerPoint presentations to online courses
    • This option allows Administrators to upload an existing PowerPoint presentation. TRC will convert your presentation into an LMS-ready course – adding bookmarking, navigation and completion status. The ability to add assessments at the end of your PowerPoint presentation is available.
  • Upload courses created by your institution
    • Whether your course has been created by you or another vendor, you have the ability to upload and launch courses within Training Central®. This feature will track that your institution’s course has been launched so that you may retain your records along with your TRC Interactive provided course information.
  • And much, much more!
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