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Over the years, TRC Interactive has helped hundreds of financial institutions—big and small—meet and even exceed their training goals.

The following are just a few of the countless success stories that were experienced by our valued clients…

  • 1st Source Bank

    "At 1st Source Bank we considered our CSR (teller) Training program to be very detailed and thorough, but we wanted to modernize the program, make it more flexible in working with our regions, more consistent, and more concise. It was time to move our program to the next level. Since we have incorporated TellerSolution Online, we have been able to accomplish that and much more! We completely restructured our CSR training schedule from 14 days of classroom and on the job training to a 10 day program. The classroom portion of the training is designed to include lecture, perpetuation of our culture, hands on application of transactions, the systems used in the banking centers, along with integrating the TellerSolution Online modules into the daily agenda. The modules have proven to be more consistent in the delivery of the information, ensuring that everyone is constantly receiving the same information. The modules also underscore consistency in training competencies and skills, along with being very interactive and engaging for all types of students. We have been able to get our new colleagues trained and out on the job almost one week sooner than we had in the past, which has been very beneficial to the bank and our clients. We also utilize TellerSolution Online as refresher training for our experienced CSRs. The ability to connect to the program through the internet has allowed us the flexibility to easily access the modules in all of our banking centers, which are spread throughout northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan. The first year TellerSolution Online was in place, we experienced a 4.1% increase in overall class grade averages. The number of people that passed the class increased from 86% to 99%, as compared to the previous year. The personnel at TRC Interactive have been very supportive and accommodating to our needs. They have kept the material up to date and modern, and we feel that this is a program that we will use for many years to come."

    - 1st Source Bank's CSR Training Specialist, Terri Scott

  • Southern Bancorp

    "The First Line of Defense Fraud Detection and Loss Prevention Challenge has been a wonderful tool for our frontline staff at Southern Bancorp. I believe taking staff through “real-life” scenarios makes for exciting training. Also, offering this training 4 times a year keeps this topic from getting old and only coming up when we have suffered a loss. I have heard nothing but good things from staff about this training. They wonder why all online courses aren’t this much fun!"

    - Southern Bancorp's Corporate Trainer, Dana Worstell

  • FNBT Bank

    "FNBT BANK has used TRC Interactive – BankTrainingOnline since 2007 as our primary online training source. We continue to appreciate the value that it saves in training time and cost. Our employees have shared their feedback that the program is easy to use regardless of their location and conveniently available anytime. The customer service support that I personally have received as the administrator of the training program has been both exceptional and responsive. That being said, we just renewed for another year."

    - FNBT BANK's Executive Vice President/Human Resources, Joanne Wallace

  • ESL Federal Credit Union

    "TRC Interactive's CreditUnionTrainingOnline is a great way to use online training as one of the options that we give to our employees to increase their knowledge and test their compliance skills. TRC's online training is always current, fast, easy-to-use and best of all, it all comes at an inexpensive price! All parts of the system are very easy to use - whether an employee, System Administrator, or trainer. If we ever do run into a snag or have a question, the Customer Service is very quick (within minutes!!!!). We have been EXTREMELY pleased with our partnership with TRC."

    - ESL Federal Credit Union's Learning and Development Manager, Kelli Loveless

  • The Muncy Bank & Trust Company

    "We are a small community state chartered bank and have been utilizing TRC Interactive for our compliance training of bank employees for approximately three years. We have found the service to be user friendly, current, and relevant. The training guides are easily adaptable to relate them to our policies and procedures. The product also provides a variety of management and tracking tools to assist in administering the overall training program. Last but not least, customer service addresses questions and technical issues effectively and promptly."

    - The Muncy Bank & Trust Company's Compliance Officer, Marcella A. Soverns

  • Sierra Central Credit Union

    "I really like that TRC Interactive provides users with numerous resources that compliment their online courses. One example are the Study Guides, which provide learners with a printable tool that they can use to enforce concepts covered in the online courses, especially the more technical topics such as the Bank Secrecy Act and OFAC. Another fabulous tool for trainers is the NewAccountsSolution eBlend Facilitator’s Guide. I was very excited to find that this “ready to roll” option was available to me at no extra cost. It gave me a great basis for a hands-on class, and greatly shortened by prep time. Really great stuff!"

    - Sierra Central Credit Union's Training Manager, Lori Schenken

  • Community Financial Federal Credit Union

    "We have been using TellerSolution for over 10 years. We have found it to be an extremely effective tool for training the basics of the Teller position. It allows us to vary the training methods to enhance the learning experience. It is good for the trainers, good for the new team members, and good for the credit union. This is what some of our trainees have said about TellerSolution when asked What parts of the program did you feel helped you the most in learning the required material?:" “The diversity of the training and interactivity of the classroom environment most facilitated my effective learning” “The TellerSolution sections were helpful in that there was both web-based and book information, the variety made learning easier.” “Loved the teller modules.” The modules and accompanying materials are updated at least annually, and the information is very accurate. In addition, we have found the TRC staff to be very responsive, professional, and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend TellerSolution to any credit union looking for a high-quality, interactive training option."

    - Community Financial Federal Credit Union's Technical Training Coordinator, Sue Bellaire

  • MembersFirst Federal Credit Union

    "TRC Interactive has been a major portion of our annual training for a number of years. This interactive eLearning allows us to customize the materials with information that follows our internal procedures. The training reports allow us to determine who has completed what courses, when they were completed, the score for each test and allows us to print a report for our auditors of the training that staff has received. TRC updates their courses as regulations change and we get a good ROI with the reasonable cost. I would recommend this on-line training to any financial institution looking to expand their staff training."

    - MembersFirst Federal Credit Union's Vice President of Operations, Pamela Goehner

  • Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union

    "TRC’s First Line of Defense is an awesome tool for our front line staff. We have used this in group training sessions and it is fun to see the staff learning and working together in an effort to recognize fraud. The dollar total at the end gives a good picture of how each individual helps the credit union too. Our staff enjoys and learns from this training!"

    - Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union's Compliance Officer, Cortney Seaton

  • The State Bank of Table Rock

    "I have found TRC Interactive to be a very profitable training tool. I use it for new hires to immediately give them the training we require in their first 90 days of employment. We also use it as a training tool to prepare our specific quarterly in-house training. I have found the First Line of Defense training very valuable. It serves as a refresher for longer term employees as well as training for newer employees, concerning what we really need to think about and look for when we negotiate items."

    - The State Bank of Table Rock's Operations Manager, Tana J. Brown

  • Independent Bank

    "First Line of Defense has been an awesome addition to our compliance training. The scenarios presented for the teller’s consideration are very similar to what goes on in the branch each and every day. The fact that it is personalized to your bank makes it even more authentic. The feedback I receive from our operations managers and tellers is very positive. Thank you TRC for a wonderful product."

    - Independent Bank's Director of Training, Pam Edens

  • Texana Bank

    "TRC’s Interactive training is superb! Employees love it because of the real life situations and documents, while management loves that employees can actually practice applying procedures in a training environment. It allows the company as a whole to see where more training should be focused in order to protect its assets!"

    - Texana Bank's VP of Human Resources, Cindy Turner

  • Sandy Spring Bank

    "At Sandy Spring Bank, we ask all branch employees to pass the First Line of Defense Training each quarter. After a year, 4 editions, of the First Line of Defense trainings, we asked our branch employees their thoughts about the training. Over 90% of the branch personnel who responded thought the scenarios were realistic; and almost 94% thought the scenarios are valuable for their role in the branch. Respondents thought the training reminded them to focus on the details when dealing with checks. One respondent said, “Personally, when I first started, there were a couple of details here and there that I did not realize were extremely important to pay close attention. These scenarios have helped me become more aware of how to catch fraud.” Another respondent even said, “Recently I detected one fraudulent check after carefully observing it and saved the Bank money.” Most respondents said it only takes them 15-25 minutes to complete the trainings, but the trainings have made the bankers more cautious and more aware of the different types of fraud they may encounter. 90% of the respondents thought the training is valuable – for all levels of the branch staff. A branch manager even commented, “As a Branch manager this assists me with helping my staff to determine if an item is fraudulent or not.”

    - Sandy Spring Bank's Assistant Vice President, Training Team Leader, Jennifer Harnish

  • Somerset Trust Company

    "As a community bank we work very hard to keep our front line staff aware of the current trends related to customer fraud. TRC understands the needs of our industry and has given us the best training tool thus far in keeping our staff members trained with their interactive program” First Line of Defense”. The scenarios make our staff think outside the box on a typical transaction or what appears to be. Thank you so very much TRC!”

    - Somerset Trust Company - Branch Operations, Ruthie Romesberg

  • Fort Community Credit Union

    "TRC Interactive made the transition to a new online learning platform extremely easy. Implementation was very smooth and the customer service we received was exceptional. We have received rave reviews from the frontline staff regarding the First Line Defense training and the supervisors seem to particularly enjoy this as well.”

    - Fort Community Credit Union - Chief Retail Officer, Danielle Frawley

  • Citizens Community Bank

    "TRC is a great learning tool for ALL bank employees. Our employees like the fact that it’s interactive with pictures that break up the boredom of just reading information off of a page and they never overwhelm the page with too much information as to lose the employee's interest. The testing at the end is direct, with no trick questions and the amount of questions is appropriate to the amount of material covered. We also feel that their pricing is very fair and the TRC employees are easy to work with. TRC’s reporting module is easy to navigate and allows us to create schedules with deadlines. I highly recommend TRC’s training products for banks of all sizes."

    - Citizens Community Bank - Sr. Vice President, Debbie Cameron

  • Grant County State Bank

    "Thank you TRC! After being on your training program for only one day one employee was so impressed with the “First Line of Defense” program she thought I should ask you to do it monthly! And this is the employee I had to beg to do the required training courses."

    - Grant County State Bank - Vice President, Sandra A Schmid

  • United Prairie Bank

    When you can find an online education program that pays for itself AND is fun and interactive, you sign up. TRC’s First Line of Defense (FLOD) online tutorials have sharpened the fraud detection senses of our tellers, personal bankers and bank officers. Most importantly, FLOD has helped us build and reinforce an approach of healthy skepticism when it comes to examining the authenticity of monetary instruments. With FLOD our new tellers can quickly gain the equivalent of months of experience. The mistakes they make in the FLOD simulations cost us nothing, but those simulated losses really grab their attention, make them sharper and inspire them to be consistently vigilant. It’s a great learning tool.

    - United Prairie Bank's Education Director & Vice President, Christopher Dehning

  • First Bank & Trust Company

    TRC Interactive’s First Line of Defense training program has been of great value to our institution. The interactive courses help our tellers stay alert to scams and identify possible fraudulent transactions. We have found First Line of Defense to be a very beneficial training tool to help learn how to prevent losses in today’s world of ever increasing scams.

    - First Bank & Trust Company's Retail Banking Coordinator, Elizabeth A. Dean

  • First State Bank

    We appreciate your training! I especially like that our employees can go through the modules, as time permits, instead of having to schedule times for meetings and grading tests. The modules are easy to go through and very informative. The tests at the end of each module ensure that the employee has retained pertinent information. I really like that I can choose which modules each employee needs to focus on and get a report showing that training is complete. It has been a big time saver in our bank and I would highly recommend it for any financial institution. Thank you for making our training as painless and profitable as it can be, and for all the help and guidance you provide to us during the year.

    - First State Bank's Vice President & Cashier, Jill Beatty

  • America’s First Federal Credit Union

    First Line of Defense offers our employees real-life scenarios that provide opportunities to continue honing their skills in recognizing and preventing fraud. New employees especially appreciate the opportunity to learn what to look for to protect our members from being victims of fraud. The program is easy to use and navigate, with outstanding results in increasing knowledge and confidence for our team. The staff at TRC are very responsive to our needs and keep us updated to make sure our employees have the information they need to be successful.

    - America's First Federal Credit Union's Training Administrator Cheryl Caldwell

  • Katahdin Trust Company

    "First Line of Defense has been a great fraud prevention tool for both our front-line branch staff and back-office operations staff who process customer transactions behind the scenes. Our employees enjoy how the modules are relevant, interactive, provide immediate feedback, and get them thinking more about the daily transactions they’re processing. Our front-line branch staff have shared they can get comfortable servicing the same customers or processing the same types of transactions, and First Line of Defense reminds them of what could happen, sharpens their skills and keeps fraud detection and fraud prevention Top of Mind."

    - Katahdin Trust Company's Vice President-Training Manager, Karen L. Chapman, CBTP