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Transaction System Training

Transaction System training is not only about the system… it’s about the policies, regulations, and most importantly, the CUSTOMER.

Whether you are training new hires, an audience for an acquisition, or implementing a new system, you want tellers who can:

  • Process transactions quickly and accurately
  • Know the policies and regulations affecting certain types of transactions
  • Recognize customers’ needs and referral opportunities

Simulation based transaction training with a built-in customer experience will give your learners more practice than they will get in a traditional classroom setting, more individualized help in areas where they need it without holding up the entire class, and a higher comfort level and better performance when they get to the branch.

The TRC Interactive model of training, regardless of the user, is the most sophisticated available today. It is a truly amazing software that creates a genuine self-learning environment so unique that almost no two learners will ever have the same training experience!

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Transaction System Training

There is simply no system training design more flexible, comprehensive and effective. Whether it’s creating versions, acquisitions, new hires, a new system, part-timers, platform, supervisory and other users, or the extraordinary training architecture that trains EVERY learner differently based on their needs and capabilities – TRC Interactive will provide you with transaction training that is better, faster, and less expensive!

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Key Points to Understand

  • How well do you want the learner to master each transaction?
  • What level of proficiency do you want?
  • How detailed do you want to integrate sales and service in the transaction?
  • What is the proper blending of in-class, online, mentoring and virtual classroom?
  • How much remedial effort is to be provided before instructor intervention?
  • What measurements are retained within the LMS?

Frequently Asked Questions

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