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Courses Being Developed For You!

First Line of Defense™ Summer Edition

Released on July 7th, 2017

The latest edition of TRC’s online interactive experiential exercise that helps keep your staff sharp, focused and alert to the latest scams.

An effective weapon for fraud prevention and a necessary ingredient for lowering fraud costs, the Fraud Prevention Series effectively trains retail staff that truly are your ‘first line of defense’!

TRC Interactive’s Customer Experience®

Now Available!

The Customer Experience™ is a complete training program of online modules to instruct your staff in the sales process. The Customer Experience™ will be uniquely customized by TRC Interactive to incorporate your terminology and logo so that they have the ‘look and feel’ of your very own training programs. Each module includes audio, videos, graphics, animation, and special effects that will engage and involve your employees so the user experience is the best. As a result, they will have higher retention and improved sales performance.

Now Available! TRC’s Switch Assist™

Let TRC take away the pain of switching providers!

Tired of your current online training provider, but the notion of re-entering your employee information seems too overwhelming for you to switch? TRC Interactive’s Switch Assist can help! With Switch Assist, TRC staff will load all of your employees, branch information, training schedules and much more into TRC Interactive’s Learning Management System.

With Switch Assist, TRC Interactive’s customer service team collects your data using a few, easy-to-use templates and will enter:

  • Your employees’ names, user ID’s, job categories, locations and pertinent information
  • Job categories will be created following your institution’s own structure
  • Branch information will be populated to allow Branch Managers to access their own staff’s training records
  • Administrators will be provided access to the LMS and follow the permission rights you assign

Don’t let your LMS limit you – let TRC Interactive assist in your switch!

Now Available! New & Exciting Design with Improved Features on Training Central

TRC Interactive’s Learning Management System

  • Upload Courses – Now with this feature, Administrators may upload and launch courses developed by you or another vendor.
  • Upload Documents – Files that you create are uploaded and tracked through Training Central. With this feature, Administrators may load their financial institution’s policies and procedures, employee manuals, hand-outs, and other training material.
  • Track Other Training – Allows Administrators to enter details of other training, such as internal instructor-led seminars, etc.
  • Automatic Email Reminders for Training Schedules – Now Administrators have the option to have email Automatic Email Reminders sent if a student’s training is near or even past due.
  • Filter to Remove Inactive Students – Administrators may now remove inactive students from being displayed on the Training Schedules list
  • Upload PowerPoint Files – Allows Administrators to upload an existing PowerPoint presentation. Your PowerPoint files are converted into an LMS-ready course – adding bookmarking, navigation and completion components. The ability to track scores is alternatively available.

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